Classic works of social science and political theory

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Marxism and scientific socialism

Capital remains the most widely-citied critical analysis of capitalist production, while Marxist debates with Feuerbach and Bauer defined modern socialism.


Russian and Soviet philosophers have explored the dialectical evolution of idealist and materialist thought over the centuries.

Soviet authors

Progress has published some of the 20th century's most popular adult and children's fiction, as well as widely-referenced critical works of scholarship.
2018 re-editions

Karl Marx

A Contribution to the Critique of Political Economy, with a review by Friedrich Engels

Teodor I. Oizerman

The Main Trends in Philosophy: A Theoretical Analysis of the History of Philosophy

Georgi Plekhanov

Development of the Monist View of History. Translated by Andrew Rothstein

Lev Iakovlevich Berri

Planning a Socialist Economy. Volume 1. Translated from the Russian by Jenny Warren
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